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We believe that everyone has the potential to meaningfully engage in the global community and positively impact those around them. We believe that all relationships should be reciprocal, and we intentionally design every FSD experience to benefit both you and the community. As you experience sustainable development and interact with a new culture, you will no doubt stretch yourself and develop a new global perspective. With an FSD experience you can work alongside grassroots community leaders to research or implement high-impact projects and programs in 6 different countries. The experience you have with FSD is entirely up to you. From short-term volunteer opportunities to citizen-led philanthropy, the choice is yours. So now the only question is - How will you experience the world?

Experience a New Community

FSD works in a diverse set of countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We partner with community-based organizations who are also committed to finding sustainable solutions within their communities. Because FSD pairs you with both a host family and a host organization, you will have the opportunity to experience culture from the inside and join in community life. Explore the history, culture, and current opportunities of our program site communities to discover your perfect community experience.

Experience Sustainable Development in Action

Through FSD’s volunteer and internship abroad programs, people of all ages can gain hands-on experience in sustainable development. Our programs are designed with sustainable outcomes in mind, as our experienced local field staff work closely with community-based organizations to design internships, service trips, and research programs to address local issues. FSD interns and volunteers work alongside local community leaders and the FSD site teams to develop sustainable projects. Opportunities vary from short-term group trips to long-term internships.

Experience Philanthropy

Become a grantmaker through FSD’s Giving Circle program. This collective grantmaking experience makes philanthropy accessible to virtually everyone. Gain experience reviewing proposals, making funding decisions, and monitoring program outcomes. We work closely with community-based organizations around the world to design grant proposals and monitor implementation so that you can have confidence that the projects you fund will have a sustainable impact for the project beneficiaries and organization. You can start or join a Giving Circle on our web platform,