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5 Ways an International Internship Will Jump-Start Your Career

5 Ways an International Internship Will Jump-Start Your Career

Every year, millions of young adults will graduate from college and enter the workforce.  Many young professionals are realizing that real-world experience gained through an internship can make them much more competitive in a tough job market. FSD’s international internship program provides students with an impressive experiential portfolio and invaluable skill set needed to be a desirable applicant and successful future employee. Learn how an FSD internship can help set you apart from other recent graduates.

1)  Real-World Experience
Most employers seek candidates who have valuable experience outside of their university. An international internship with FSD offers students an irreplaceable opportunity to apply the knowledge that excites them in the classroom to a real-world setting. While abroad, interns learn important skills in international development, research, and budgeting. They are able to witness measurable outcomes from their hard work and quantify those outcomes on a resumé or in a cover letter.

2) Intercultural Team Building & Cooperation 
Recruiters are tasked with finding candidates who can effectively and quickly integrate into a team.Recent graduates with cross-cultural internship experience are more prepared for this workplace dynamic and bring valuable team expertise to their new employment. Working internationally allows interns the opportunity to work as part of diverse and intercultural teams and learn how to effectively communicate.

3) Practical Skills
Managerial and efficiency skills are highly desirable in today’s job market. FSD provides interns with training in these practical skills through designing, managing, and evaluating projects in their host community, leaving them with concrete outcomes to share with their potential employers.

4)  Global Perspective
An FSD internship in a developing country demonstrates a student’s ability to face challenges and commit to solutions. Employers value and recognize FSD interns’ maturity, dedication, and a keen interest in creating sustainable solutions to today’s most pressing global issues.

5) Professional Recommendations
FSD is proud to provide all of our successful alumni with strong letters of recommendation and references. FSD is happy to work through LinkedIn or written letters to support the futures of our greatly appreciated interns.

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