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Human Rights with FSD

Human Rights

The Foundation for Sustainable Development works in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to protect and promote civil, political, and socioeconomic rights for marginalized people in our partner communities.

These rights are frequently excluded from underserved communities in the developing world due to race, gender, religion, and—most commonly—the pursuit of economic gain.

FSD Human Rights Partners

We work at the local level with locally-led grassroots organizations dedicated to preventing and ending human rights violations that drastically affect the men, women, and children in their community. Together, we provide a platform for communities and individuals to understand their rights, voice their plight, and take effective action.

Interns, volunteers, and giving circle members work together with FSD to address a wide spectrum of rights issues that cause and exacerbate poverty. These include direct legal counseling; intra-familial violence prevention; publications and advocacy campaigns; conflict resolution; rights education workshops; child labor prevention; migratory labor protection; and many more.

One of our partners in India, Seva Mandir, has a mission to make real the idea of a society consisting of free and equal citizens who are able to come together to solve the problems that affect them in their particular contexts. In Argentina, our partner OAJNU works to empower young people in order to increase their spiritual, political, and social strengths so as to contribute to positive change in their communities. And in Bolivia, one of our partners, Instituto para el Desarrollo Humano, is currently working to politically influence the development of society in the areas of health, environment, and human rights.

You can join FSD in supporting human rights efforts throughout the world through an international volunteer program, or through our philanthropy model,

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