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Granting Good: 2017 Grant Award Winners

Our annual Grant Writing Competition allows program participants to submit a grant proposal for additional funding for their project work with one of our community partners. Intern project grants are awarded to those proposals that best exemplify sustainable practices and approaches. We look for proposals that create lasting solutions to social, economic, political, and cultural issues faced by the community. Key elements may include a transfer of skills and capacity building, supporting income-generating activities to maintain the project, building an organization’s governance and supportive supervision capacity, or building community support and buy-in.

In 2017, we awarded nine grants across our seven sites. Since interns are all trained to use an asset-based approach in their projects, their projects have a broad impact with a small investment. These projects exemplified FSDs community development model and we are excited to share with you the 2017 Grant Writing Competition winners.

FSD Intern: Anna Broshevitch
Site: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Proposal: Alimentación del Paciente en Situación Oncología
NGO Partner: Movimiento Sonrisa
Focus: Health Education
Project Summary:  In Bolivia, Anna Broshkevitch, a student from Virginia Tech, worked alongside FSD community partner Movimiento Sonrisa to develop a project that addresses the lack of nutrition education and basic hygiene practices for pediatric cancer patients at Manuel Ascencio Villarroel Hospital in Cochabamba. The project helped support the creation and distribution of educational materials detailing strategies to combat these deficiencies in care. In addition, Anna worked with Movimiento Sonrisa to conduct workshops that provided hands-on explanations of these practices. The project also enabled patients families to learn how to start their own gardens of organically grown vegetables to improve the health and wellbeing of the patients once they returned home from the hospital.

Interns: Alexandra Basile and Kai Meredith
Site: Jinja, Uganda
Proposal: Alleviating Malnutrition and Unemployment in the Mudhi Community, Through a Community-based Cage-fishing Business
NGO Partner: Baitambogwe Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO)
Focus: Microfinance and Business Development
Project Summary: During their time in Uganda, SUNY Geneseo students Alexandra Basile and Kai Meredith, worked together to support Baitambogwe SACCO in the development of a project that aimed to address widespread malnutrition, poverty, and unemployment in the rural district of Mayuge. Their project helped to create a shift from subsistence to commercial fish farming in Lake Victoria. By providing both the logical and technical assistance to train the youth on cage construction, feed formulation, and business management, Alex and Kai’s project allowed community members to gain the skills necessary to attain higher level of income and a steady food source.

Intern: Akhil Surapaneni
Site: Jinja, Uganda
Proposal: Irrigation For Sustainable Livelihood: A Pilot Project in the Buwagi Community
NGO Partner: Busoga Trust
Focus: Appropriate Technology, Agricultural and Food Security
Project Summary: Rice University student Akhil Surapaneni, spent his summer working with FSD partner, Busoga Trust. Together they worked to combat the effects of climate change in Uganda, focusing on alleviating the effects of droughts in the Buwagi Village. These droughts have exacerbated food insecurity, poverty, malnutrition, and lack of clean water access. Through Akhil’s project, Busoga Trust was able to pilot an irrigation system that tapped into local water resources in order to build resilience to climate vulnerability within the community. Akhil’s project helped teach the community to construct, operate, and maintain the irrigation system through a series of workshops, data collection, and sophisticated monitoring procedures that helped ensure the sustainability of the irrigation system.

Intern: Persis Bhada
Site: Salta, Argentina
Proposal: Using advanced technology to produce and sell goods created by the children, parents, and volunteers of Fundación H.O.Pe
NGO Partner: Fundación H.O.Pe
Sector: Health and Economic Development
Focus: Health, Income Generation
Project Summary: Working in Salta with FSD partner, Fundación H.O.Pe, UNC Chapel Hill student Persis Bhada created a  sustainable, income-generating project to improve the quality of life for children and their families affected by cancer. Fundación H.O.Pe helps to care for children and their families while the children undergo cancer treatments. To support its work, Fundación H.O.Pe creates handmade products to sell to local communities. This project focused on creating more sustainable income generation through the purchase of a special printer and stamp to allow Fundación H.O.Pe to brand their products, rather than outsourcing this to another company. In addition, the project created an online platform to promote and sell the handmade products and artworks created by the talented children of Fundación H.O.Pe. These additional funds helped to support their living expenses while undergoing treatment as well as provide educational and recreational activities at the center.

Intern: Vicky Xu
Site: Jinja, Uganda
Proposal: Empowering Women Through Business Skills and Microfinance in Bugoba Village
NGO Partner: Sustain Micro Enterprise
Focus: Women Empowerment
Project Summary: Harvard student, Vicky Xu worked with Sustain Micro Enterprise to create a project focused on building the capacity of women in Bugoba village. The project addresses the inability of women to generate income for their families due to lack of access to capital and financial literacy. Vicky’s project is a combination of a monitored microloan program and a four-week financial literacy and business-training program taught by expert staff with a high-level curriculum that will give these women the guidance and knowledge needed to create their own sustainable income generating dream businesses.

Intern: Amy Pittelkau
Site: Jinja, Uganda
Proposal: St Stephen’s WASH Promotion Project
NGO Partner: St. Stephen’s Social Services
Focus: Water and Sanitation, Education
Project Summary: Focusing on water and sanitation, Amy Pittelkau’s project with St. Stephen’s directly addressed the Sanitation and Hygiene Policy set by the Ministry of Education in Uganda. St. Stephen’s is taking steps to upgrade from an unlicensed rural secondary school, to municipal licensure and eventually qualifying as a government-funded school, but due to inadequate waste management and use of pit latrines, this has not yet been possible. Amy’s project helped pave the way for the installation of a septic system which used the construction process as a skill-building workshop for community members who were eager to learn a new, and useful construction skill that can be taken throughout the community. Additionally, through the increased awareness caused by her project, Amy was able to establish a health club to address greater health needs within the community.

Intern: Eliza Month
Site: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Proposal Name: Huertos Verticales
NGO Partner: Alerta Verde
Focus: Urban Agriculture and Education
Project Summary: Climate change has dramatically affected the way Bolivians use and conserve water. Working alongside Alerta Verde, Eliza Month’s project worked to address global climate change and food security through urban agriculture and education.Through the implementation of the grant, Alerta Verde was able to install three types of urban vertical gardens that use less water, produce higher quality plants, and require less space than traditional gardens. These gardens served as an educational tool for Alerta Verde, and with the help of Eliza they were able to create a brochure that not only explains these techniques and their benefits to the population but also raises awareness about water conservation, and climate change.

Intern: Aya Nagai
Site: Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua
Proposal Name: A Sweet(s) Proposal
NGO Partner: Centro de Educación y Capacitación Integral Hermana Maura Clarke
Focus: Microenterprise
Project Summary: In Ciudad Sandino, Aya Nagai, a student from the University of Notre Dame, worked with FSD partner Centro de Educación y Capacitación Integral Hermana Maura Clarke (CECIM) to develop a project that works to decrease the effects of machismo culture and domestic violence of women. Her project increases the economic independence of women in the community by organizing pastry workshops so that the participants can start their own pastry business and establish economic independence. By way of these pastry workshops and a resolute microloans system, Aya's project has allowed the participating women to generate an income to support their children’s education and become more self-sufficient.

Intern: Cristin Hendrickson
Site: Jinja, Uganda
Proposal: Skills Training and Establishment of Income Generating Activities for Child Mothers in Loco
NGO Partner: Children on the Edge Africa
Focus: Human Rights, Youth and Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship
Project Summary:  In Uganda, Cristin Hendrickson, with FSD partner Children on the Edge Africa, implemented a project that financially assists child mothers in LOCO village who struggle to find the funds to participate in hairdressing and financial management programs. Cristin’s project has strengthened financial management training by establishing a savings program and has increased the number of the child mothers in the hairdressing training program to 32 members. This project uses a monitored loan system that recycles through the program in order to provide the same opportunities for future participants.

To learn more about how you can engage in philanthropy with FSD, check out our Giving Circles platform that allows you to review grant submissions from our community partners.