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FSD Helped Me Grow Through Independence: Reflections on Nicaragua

Why choose FSD? To answer that question, allow me to pose another through the lyrics of hip-hop artist Webbie: “I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t do you know what that mean?” Through an FSD internship, you will learn, experience, and grow in and through independence.

I admit, when I first began my nine-week internship in a health center in Masaya, Nicaragua, I wasn’t able to define “independent” beyond the definition available in any stuffy dictionary. By the time I hit the midpoint of my internship, I had created a working definition of “independent” with an acrostic poem. I think it’s just as fun as Webbie’s lyrics, and I hope you do as well! I also hope it helps assure you that participating in a program with FSD will not only be invaluable and enriching as a student--but most importantly, as a whole person.

I am a small part of a bigger and greater possibility.

Needs should be reframed as opportunities.

Don’t stop moving, thinking, writing or communicating.

Evade falling and staying in a “swamp of negativity.”

Proactivity is not always easy. It’s difficult, takes time and set-up, but it’s necessary.

Expect failure (small, maybe even significant), but also expect to learn from it.

Nowing how to navigate yourself among others is critical.

Do expect time to move slowly and quickly at the same time. It’s odd, contradictory, but true.

Eye-ronically,” independence sometimes depends on other people and things.

Not everything and every moment should be 100% independent.

Take time to explore and enjoy your FSD experience!


Elizabeth Asonye, a.k.a. “Eli” in Nicaragua

Elizabeth Asonye is a student at Rice University. She interned with FSD in Nicaragua in 2017 where she worked alongside Centro de Salud Monimbo.