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For Community-Driven Global Development

World Health Day: Our Community-Based Approach

On Saturday April 7th we celebrate World Health Day.  Sustainable #Healthforall has been a founding mission goal for FSD, never more so than now. We strongly support access to health for people everywhere, and our global teams strive to bring good health to the communities we serve.

Our community-based approach to health goes far beyond vaccinating children, delivering babies, and curing illnesses. Together with our diverse community partners who have expertise in education, water and sanitation, advocacy, women’s rights, microfinance and more, we are engaging community elders and influencers to dispel myths about vaccines that prevent parents from getting their kids vaccinated. We’re developing networks of trusted, community-based health workers who can provide prenatal care, advice and referrals to pregnant women right in their home village rather than requiring them to travel long distances to seek care. We’re developing clean water sources and improving hygiene practices at home and at school to stop the diarrheal infections that kill so many children worldwide.

By listening to our community partners and following their lead, we support them in advancing the state of health in their communities--whether those solutions lie in obvious places such as the delivery of life-saving anti-retroviral drugs to HIV-infected people, allowing them to lead healthier, more productive lives and to take care of their children or in less obvious ways such as developing health financing options such as loans, savings, and insurance that allow people to access critical care when they need it most.

Leading up to World Health Day, we’ll be sharing stories of how our collective work has been able to bring greater access to healthcare for people in the seven communities we serve. Like most of the work we do, there is no one-size-fits-all solution; but we know that by understanding a community and its resources, we and our partners can make important advances in helping people everywhere lead healthier, more productive lives.


The coming weeks are full of events that will help make this so. Join us for any and all, and--as always--we all look forward to seeing you this spring.