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For Community-Driven Global Development

Why Invest in FSD?

Why Invest in FSD?


We Transform Your Philanthropic Vision into Lasting, Global Impact

FSD's experienced staff simplifies the experience of grantmaking by working directly with you to:

  • Define your vision, goals, and objectives
  • Analyze appropriate funding opportunities with your community partners
  • Create a customized donor plan that fits your overall vision
  • Administer funds according to international regulations
  • Ensure that the plan is being executed on the ground effectively and sustainably by our international field staff
  • Document project outcomes and usage of funds
  • Arrange visits and meetings in the field between you, our community partners, and international staff

By managing all programmatic, administrative, and financial responsibilities, FSD allows you to focus on vision and know that your funds are being optimally used to achieve their intended impact.

We Understand that Sustainable Development is Rooted in Community

To achieve sustainable development, communities need to actively participate in the planning, execution, and maintenance of any development solutions that affect them. Our approach recognizes the need to partner with local leaders, cultivate relationships, build trust between stakeholders, and integrate local value systems in a community-centered approach.

We Connect You to a Global Network

By investing in FSD, you gain direct access to a trusted network of more than 200 community-based organizations in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These community partners provide the backbone for local development, addressing a wide range of issues related to social justice, health equity, environmental sustainability, and economic growth.

We are On the Ground 365 Days a Year

In each of our seven program locations, FSD has experienced staff that works year-round to support our community partners with capacity building and project development. Our staffs are led by seasoned professionals from the local communities who have stablished relationships with our partners, giving FSD a trusted infrastructure to implement initiatives, manage funds, and track outcomes

We Provide Support Where it is Needed Most

We have vetted and partnered with more than 200 community-based organizations that are leading their communities out of poverty. These small, local organizations are trusted by the people and effectively represent their needs. However, due to the remoteness of their location and their relatively small size, major international donors rarely contribute to their efforts. FSD provides a professional bridge between donors and the organizations that understand how sustainable change becomes reality.

We Train the Future Leaders of International Development

Through our Intern and Volunteer Abroad programs, we provide in-the-field training and experience to over 300 students and professionals each year in grassroots international development, enabling them to pursue vocations in alignment with their global values.

To learn more about how you can bring change--and be changed--please contact Julia Smith, Development Lead.