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Global Health Internships

Global health internships

Global Health Internships

Healthy communities are a primary building block of community development. Without proper care, communities are caught in a brutal poverty cycle that is nearly impossible to overcome. As an intern with Foundation for Sustainable Development, you will have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally in this culturally immersive and educational program while contributing to locally-led efforts to address public health issues. Interns are matched with a community organization, learn about their priorities, and work with their host-colleagues to develop a project plan that aligns with the organization's mission and will advance efforts that are important to the community.

While working with FSD you will have the opportunity to interact with host communities and may participate in community education; HIV/AIDS support; child health and nutrition; preventative outreach; psychological and social services for women and children; reproductive care; health research; holistic health; health empowerment, or a variety of other public health programs. Many communities have limited access to the most basic health resources, and our interns play an essential role in educating community members about global health. With FSD you will not participate in clinical work to which you are not qualified to perform in your home country, instead, you will have the opportunity to shadow healthcare workers and promote public health initiatives.

When interns arrive in the field, FSD local site teams will lead an in-country orientation, providing each intern with invaluable guidance and insight that will help them throughout their program. Orientation is a blend of theoretical topics such as FSD’s asset-based community development model and community-based research and day-to-day details such as how to navigate the local transit system, safety, and security. Through the orientation process, interns are introduced to the people who will be their support network while they are in country: FSD staff, their supervisors, host organizations, host families, and other interns serving in the area.