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Partner Spotlight: Fundación Gaia Pacha

Gaia Pacha

Gaia Pacha and FSD have been partners in change since 2007. A longstanding group of young professionals dedicated to awareness of and education in environmental issues in Bolivia, Gaia Pacha is committed to the philosophy that humans and nature must live in a state of mutual respect, both for the good of present community members and for generations to come.

To further their mission, Gaia Pacha works in cooperation with local and international NGOs, universities, research centers, companies and government agencies. “In many ways,” says FSD Program Director Mauricio Ramirez Parra, “Gaia Pacha is typical of many of our partner organizations, which cull talent and resources for a range of sources, but few do it so consistently and so well.

“Over the years,” he continues, “we have worked with our good friends at Gaia Pacha on a wide range of projects ultimately benefiting the environment and Bolivians alike, and with excellent long-term effects.” Also, because virtually everyone in Cochabamba ultimately benefits from environmental conservancy and improvements, “the number of community members whose lives have been bettered by our projects is very heartening to see.”

Gaia Pacha works with groups of university students and other young people in a program called Juventud Conciente (“concerned youth”); its members are especially involved in the issues resulting from climate change in rural communities. In the summer of 2017, FSD interns and Juventud Conciente wrote, produced, and distributed information booklets focused on environmentally conscious, income-generating projects. These materials were also used in a series of seminars in the universities; as a measure of the project’s ultimate sustainability, they were also replicated by other groups with what Gaia Pacha works.

Mauricio looks forward to welcoming interns and professional volunteers in Bolivia, he says that, “Our community will certainly find a meaningful place for anyone who wants to spend time in our wonderful city. Nobody ever leaves Cochabamba without new friends--and, I hope, a slightly different way of looking at the world.”

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