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For Community-Driven Global Development

Ambassadors Advance FSD’s Work

Overseas volunteering isn’t the only way to advance sustainable development. In the Bay Area, a group of supporters, the FSD Ambassadors, advances our work by raising funds for FSD, organizing meet-ups to connect like-minded individuals, developing partnerships for sustainable development, and hosting special events.

A core group of about 15 Ambassadors—augmented by an ever-growing number of supporters in the professional and academic realms—meets monthly to review our activities and plan further outreach and events. While the group is mainly comprised of young professionals, people of all ages and interests are encouraged to join.

The group’s charter function is to raise awareness of FSD and connect people in the sustainable development space. At present, three sub-committees (Outreach and Engagement; Corporate Partnerships; and Membership) meet individually to further projects in those areas, and collectively at the Ambassadors’ monthly meetings. Last month’s San Francisco meet-up took the form of a happy hour that allowed Ambassadors, prospective members, and longtime FSD supporters to meet our program staff from Uganda and Bolivia. Ambassador Agnieszka Gugala said, “It was an honor to be able to greet our special guests who had so much to say about present projects in the field as well as the long-term impact FSD has made on their communities.”

For more information on the Ambassador program, or to learn how to join, please contact