IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: FSD has closed their US-based operations. Learn more here


FSD works with vision-aligned corporate social responsibility programs and civic groups to engage employees and members in sustainable international community development through effective philanthropy and volunteerism.

Developed over 20 years of operations, FSD employs a highly effective approach to building community partners’ capacity to design and manage strong social, environmental, and economic development programs. Community development projects supported through FSD technical training, grants, and trained volunteer support have a 79% sustainability rate.

We create customized programs for companies and groups whose goal is to strategically invest in community engagement that achieves high social impact for beneficiary partners and provides high quality professional and leadership development for employees and members.

Our unique blend of volunteering and giving programs offers companies an opportunity to maximize the impact of their corporate giving and employee engagement through intensive training in our approach and building direct relationships with international community beneficiaries.

Our volunteer programs are unique in that they are customized to give your employees or members a chance to apply their professional skills and knowledge to execute projects supporting community-led development in an international context. Discover the experience of one corporate group here.


Our online grantmaking platform for giving circles can be used by companies to achieve the goals of their giving program and employees can team up and have a fun, social, and educational experience of giving that directly impacts communities around the world.