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FSD serves as a bridge between the priorities of communities in developing countries and the skills and interests of talented individuals who want to get involved. Volunteers with professional skills to offer are highly sought by the community-based organizations we partner with around the world. Our partners are eager to learn from individuals from other parts of the world that bring new and creative ideas to ongoing issues they face - from marketing and business strategy to curriculum development or advanced technology, these professional skills aid our partners as they work to enhance their communities.  

Learn more about the types of programs designed specifically for professionals:

ProCorps Volunteering - specifically designed for professionals with 5 or more years of experience who want to contribute their time and talent to international development projects.

Group Service Trips - a group program that provides both theoretical understanding and practical experience in community-driven development as groups of 6 or more individuals work together to complete a short-term, high-impact project within the community.

International Development Internships - created with students and recent graduates in mind, FSD Development Internships allow young adults the opportunity to co-create and implement a community development project with one of the more than 200 organizations in our network.