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Ranveer Singh Shaktawat

Ranveer Singh Shaktawat holds a masters degree in Social Science and Management with 17 years of experience in the Rural Development Sector. At age 16 he began work as a peer group leader in his village, Railmagra, and has since held various positions at Jatan Sansthan. His journey from a Peer Educator to the position of a Deputy Director at Jatan Sansthan is an inspiration for many youngsters. Ranveer has mentored many young people who have taken forward his philosophies. Ranveer’s expertise is in youth issues and adolescent and sexual health. His future plans include working for the rights of the LGBTQ communities. Passionate about the region he grew up in Ranveer hopes for equality and healthy future for all. Ranveer enjoys traveling and loves trying new and different cuisine.