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FSD strives to apply its community-first approach to its finances as well. In that spirit, we are structured with strong leadership in our host communities and are constantly re-evaluating to see which functions might reasonably be handled in the field without compromising quality and appropriate checks and balances. This helps us to keep our administrative costs low while injecting more money into communities around the world.  

FSD has two main sources of revenue - Donations and Earned Revenue (Program Fees).

Program fees inject economic resources into the communities we support in the form of funding new projects, purchasing supplies and equipment for host organizations, paying salaries of local FSD staff members, local transportation and bringing income to local host families. Because we hire local and buy local, the cost of staffing and providing year-round training, resources, and information sharing to our partner organizations is entirely paid for by the revenue received through our intern and volunteer programs. However, because we want to keep our program fees as low and accessible as possible, we need donations to support core organization-wide activities such as monitoring and evaluation, development and piloting of new programs, staff training, financial oversight, partnership development, community outreach and education and expansion to new communities as well as to fund the participation of our community partners in special programs.  

FSD records between 2,000 and 4,000 hours of volunteer time each year from interns, our ambassadors, and pro-bono professional services for our US operations, totalling over $40,000 in value.

FSD is a not-for-profit charitable organization with 501(c)(3) status. Our Tax ID Number is: 56-1938284.

We do not have an endowment and rely on the annual support of generous individuals, foundations, and corporations to supplement the revenues earned through program fees and other programmatic activities.

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