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Your contribution will accelerate grassroots development and advance global citizenship.

Did you know that less than 1% of international aid goes directly to local actors? Did you know that these actors, due to their local knowledge and relationships, have proven highly effective in lifting people out of poverty and sustaining economic and community development in the Global South?  

At FSD we are in partnership with over 200 locally led grassroots organizations, and we offer donors a range of options for investing in the causes and communities you care about.

Fund FSD

FSD is a trusted partner to community development organizations in six countries on three continents. Our programs provide these organizations and their communities with essential human and financial resources. Your contribution to FSD will support us in expanding our programs and building our organizational partners’ capacity to address social issues and sustainably improve the quality of life for people in their communities. Please support our important work.

You can learn more about where your money goes here.

Fund Global Citizenship

Is there any better way for our youth to gain global competencies and become global citizens than by immersing themselves in a different country, culture, and community where they must learn to collaborate with others for the purpose of doing social good? FSD operates a Global Citizens Scholarship because we know that many young people lack the resources and opportunity to go abroad and experience the world in this life-transforming way. Donate now to support a new generation of globally-aware, community-engaged leaders.

Fund with Your Circle

For donors interested in an experience that’s social, educational, and hands-on, FSD operates, an exciting new platform for giving circles that fund grassroots organizations in developing countries. We think you’ll enjoy being in a group of similarly generous and inspired people who want to do more than write a check to a charity. If you want to learn and give with others, head over to Circles and check out our growing list of locally led grassroots organizations with sustainable development projects ready for funding.