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Knowledge of self, others, and the world is an essential ingredient to being an effective advocate for global causes. That’s why education is an important part of our mission. We build learning and critical reflection into all of our programs. Below are four ways you can take action to learn about sustainable global development.

Intern Abroad

The best learning is hands-on. Build your career while learning about community development by working alongside staff in grassroots organizations in one of six countries. For open opportunities, click here.

Go on a Group Service Trip

FSD offers Group Service Trips to Africa, Asia, and Latin America for groups as small as six people. Every trip provides group members with orientation to culture and important issues in development. Your work alongside local community members will be supported and enhanced by daily reflection and discussion.

“Circle Up!” with Giving Circles

FSD powers the platform for those interested in joining or starting giving circles and getting hands-on experience in intentional grantmaking. We also offer traveling giving circles for those that want to combine grantmaking with a chance to visit and learn from potential grantees first hand.

Be Informed

Visit our News & Resources Center for an ever-growing collection of news, resources, and perspectives about global development around the world. Join our community and join the conversation.