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Our Impact

FSD strives to make lasting, sustainable change that is deeply rooted in the community and driven by the community members themselves.

We look at impact on three levels:

  • Impact on the community
  • Impact on grassroots community organizations
  • Impact on interns, volunteers, and giving circle members

Over $8 million invested in communities in 9 countries to advance local causes

Local Community Members and Organizations:

FSD has trained over 500 organizations and funded more than 2,000 projects aimed at improving the quality of life in communities around the world. The project design and implementation is a collaboration among community members, organizations, and FSD interns and volunteers working to advance these local priorities. FSD supplements these projects with small “seed” funds used as a catalyst to support local efforts to address change. Additionally, FSD has awarded 495 competitive grants for projects proposed by community organizations that show strong potential for replication, sustainability, and effective impact in the community. Our partner organizations have reported that 80% of projects are ongoing, and another 13% are continuing, but have evolved.

Funded Projects (Grants and Seed funds):

  • 16% to Economic Development projects that provide business, finance, and savings skills to entrepreneurs so they can have a better life for themselves and their families.
  • 12% to Environment and Technology projects that use innovative methods to capture local, natural resources in communities that lack access to necessities, such as clean water and electricity.
  • 29% to Public Health initiatives that bring awareness to communities on how to ensure healthy lives for themselves and their families, as well as causes, prevention and treatment of illness.
  • 19% to Education and Youth Development efforts that empower teachers and address barriers for children and their families to obtaining an education
  • 16% Human Rights and Gender Equity that promote inclusion and representation of marginalized populations in decision-making and access to services.
FSD Funded Projects Pie Chart 2016

“FSD has helped us make strategies, planning and with implementation of our projects. We have learned more about how to organize at the ground level and how to mobilize stakeholders. We know more how to use local resources and have received training about how to create partnerships.”
Lokesh Kalal, Alfa Educational Society in Udaipur, India

Interns, Volunteers, and Giving Circle Members:

Over 3,500 volunteers and interns from 50 countries have been trained by FSD’s experienced field staff and connected to grassroots organizations around the world. These participants have not only contributed their skills and knowledge to pressing development issues, but they have also grown as global citizens gaining new perspectives to share with those around them. They go on to work in all subject areas with more cross-cultural competency. That is, they are able to work with diverse populations and understand different perspectives in a variety of fields whether they go into the nonprofit, public or private sectors. They also continue to look at the development work with a critical eye to ensure that they are not doing more harm than good.

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