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In conjunction with the FSD International Development Internship Program, FSD also offers a Spanish Language Program at our site in Cochabamba, Bolivia. FSD International Development Internships are a chance for students and young adults to gain experience in sustainable development and insight into other cultures that can only be obtained through direct experience, and language is a key component to successful project implementation. With the Spanish Language Program, interns can increase their language skills before and during their international development fieldwork.

This program has been customized with two options, Level 1: Beginner, and Level 2: Intermediate. Through this Spanish Language Program, interns receive individual language instruction, similar program components of FSD’s Intern Abroad program (host family, site team support, orientation, etc.), and flexible course options.


FSD’s instructors offer quality Spanish training regardless of your level. The classes are held one-on-one with the instructor so that each class can be tailored for the student. Our professors design curriculum based on the needs of the students; working to improve conversation, grammar, reading, and writing. All language instructors are local Bolivians who are bilingual and have taught at the elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. The professors have taught over two thousand students across Bolivia, and make learning Spanish practical and relevant to Cochabamba. Classes include information on Bolivian culture, politics, and history.


Level One: Beginner
For Level One, participants will spend two or more weeks taking language classes for three hours a day. These language classes would begin before normal internship start date orientation. As part of the International Development Internship, participants will be placed with a host organization that can accommodate an intern with a low level of Spanish language skills. After the completion of your language courses, you will join orientation with other interns. You can elect to add additional weeks of Level Two Spanish Immersion after orientation.

Level Two: Intermediate
Level Two is intended for participants who have a basic command of the Spanish language. The program consists of a full month of language classes for 1.5 hours a day. These classes will be programmed concurrently with the International Development Internship, working language classes into their schedule while also completing internship responsibilities with their host organization. Participants will be placed with a host organization that supports an intern with a basic level of Spanish language skills.


Courses are programmed to coincide with FSD’s programmed start date and orientation. After the initial course, participants can elect to add on additional weeks of training, one week at a time.


Level 1: The first two weeks of our Level One Spanish Language Program costs: $576 ($268 for each additional week).

Level 2: The first four weeks of our Level Two Spanish Language Program costs: $402 ($100.50 for each additional week).