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FSD Site Team Members

Jesica Decima Local Program Coordinator | Salta, Argentina

Jesica was born in Salta, a growing city in the north of Argentina. She recently graduated with a degree in Public and Institutional Relations, and also studied Communications Sciences. During her last year of secondary school, after participating in a United Nation’s Model, she became interested in different world issues creating solutions in order to resolve different problems throughout the world. She became a volunteer in OAJNU, an Argentinean nonprofit organization comprised of young volunteers who work together to empower young people, promote human rights, and work toward community development. She believes that the solution for a lot of issues is to provide people with the necessary knowledge to act in different situations. Empowering people is the key to making a change in everything. Jesica wants to learn more about sustainable development and she is very excited to work with young people from around the world and show them everything in her home country. She loves watching movies, going out with friends, traveling to different places, and learning different languages (she is currently studying French and Portuguese).

Image of Mauricio Ramirez Parra

Mauricio Ramirez Parra Program Director | Cochabamba, Bolivia

Mauricio has served as the Director of FSD's Bolivia program since it was initiated in 2000. A native Bolivian, Mauricio has extensive experience with the international community. He has been involved with various agricultural and environmental projects and has served as the coordinator for Farmer to Farmer, financed by USAID since 1996, in Cochabamba. In this capacity, he supported projects that provided agricultural producers with technical assistance in the areas of beekeeping, livestock, and the production of fruits and vegetables. He is currently the President of Partners of the Americas in Bolivia, an organization that incorporates volunteers from North Carolina and Bolivia. Together, volunteers address the areas of health, agriculture, art and culture, search and rescue, women’s issues, rehabilitation, and justice. Mauricio has experience working with volunteers since 1995.

Juan Pablo Vargas Llanos Local Program Coordinator | Cochabamba, Bolivia

Juan Pablo was born in Vallegrande, Bolivia. He graduated with a B.A in Business Administration from the Universidad Mayor de San Simon in Cochabamba and has an Executive Master´s degree in Development, Policies, and Practices from the Graduate Institute of Geneva. While at the University, Juan joined AIESEC, an international NGO run by students and recent graduates from 125 countries and territories. He was the president of AIESEC in Bolivia. Because of his experience working with young people he has had the opportunity to travel to many different countries including Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Brazil and Taiwan to represent Bolivia in different conferences. He has a passion for volunteering, community development, and working with youth. He is proud to have the opportunity to join FSD and contribute to the development of Cochabamba.  In his free time, he enjoys playing volleyball, walking, and watching documentaries.

Priscilla Ong'ayo

Priscilla Ong’ayo Program Director | Kakamega, Kenya

Priscilla Ong’ayo is a native of Kakamega. She has a vast experience working with grassroots organizations in western Kenya and international agencies. She has been involved in program development and administration and also actively involved in mentoring youth for academic success in Kenya and abroad. Specifically, she has been involved in programs in Human rights and gender equality in the areas of gender-based violence and combating violence against women and. In these programs, Priscilla served as a trainer, a volunteer, and a team leader. This served in expanding her experience in cross-cultural collaboration internationally since it involved working with people from over 25 nationalities from around the world. A graduate of Moi University holding a BEd (Arts), Priscilla is currently working on a Master’s of Science in Human Resource Management at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. She was awarded a Diploma in Project Management from Uppsala University, Sweden. This was done in conjunction with SIPU INTERNATIONAL (The Swedish Institute for Public Administration) and Sida.

Susan Mulyanga Local Program Coordinator | Kakamega, Kenya

Susan was born and raised in Kakamega, Kenya. She graduated from Laikipia University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics. Previously, she worked with Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) as an enumerator in western Nyanza and Rift Valley regions of Kenya. At KALRO she engaged frequently with local communities, advocating for poverty eradication through farming activities. She is passionate about community development and youth empowerment. She is excited to work with FSD as it's an opportunity for her to advocate for sustainable development. She looks forward to working with enthusiastic interns and volunteers who want to make a change in Kakamega through knowledge and skill transfer. During her free time she enjoys reading novels, listening to music and watching documentaries.

Maria de Jesus Zepeda Nicaragua Country Director | Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

Maria has served as FSD's Country Director in Nicaragua since 1998. She is a licensed social worker and psychologist, with a specialization in clinical attention and attention to families. Maria has a post-graduate degree in forensic psychology, and in 2011 she received her master's degree in Social Politics, Rights, and Leadership for Children and Adolescents. She completed a course on "facilitation for facilitators" that has helped her with the many leadership roles she has taken on. Maria’s professional history demonstrates a dedication to her community. She was hired by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health to manage community health education programs and direct the Department of Social Work in the Hospital of Ciudad Sandino. She also directed a program geared at preventing interfamilial violence and promoting reproductive health for the Fundación Mejia Godoy, financed by USAID. She has extensive experience developing projects and facilitating projects for health educators, midwives, and volunteers who work in public and community health. With the help of FSD volunteers, Maria works to help organizations improve the quality of life in Nicaragua. Her focus is empowering women, promoting community development, and supporting organizations in Nicaragua develop sustainable community projects.

Karen Lopez Local Program Coordinator | Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua

After graduating from high school in Managua, Karen became a technician in social development. Over the years she has taken several computer and English courses, and she is currently working to get a law degree at the UdeM (University of Managua). Karen has experience working with Nueva Ola, which is a program to train teachers and students in the prevention of pregnancy in teenagers. Karen helps coordinate materials for FSD’s workshops, and she also maintains communication with the Ciudad Sandino host families.

Image of Alexandra MacPhee

Alexandra MacPhee Senior International Programs Coordinator for FSD-Nicaragua | Tola, Nicaragua

Born in the Netherlands and raised in a Canadian diplomatic family, Alexandra grew up traveling abroad to Europe. A three-month backpacking trip to Central America in 2008 first sparked Alexandra’s interest in living in Latin America. She returned to Nicaragua in 2009 to volunteer, which confirmed her commitment to working in the non-profit sector. After graduating with a B.A. in International Development Studies from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, she embarked on a 13-month internship in community development in a Nicaraguan town. The following year, Alexandra landed a position in fundraising at a microfinance institution in Honduras, which took her to rural areas across the country. While this experience was very rewarding, Alexandra jumped at the opportunity to join FSD as the International Programs Coordinator in Tola, Nicaragua, and moved to the rural community of Las Salinas de Nagualapa in September 2012. Alexandra’s experiences in the non-profit sector and the growing tourism industry in Tola inspired her to purchase land in Las Salinas in hopes of building a tourism establishment with the mission to support local community initiatives. Meanwhile, Alexandra thoroughly enjoys her work with FSD, especially supporting FSD interns and collaborating with FSD’s community partners. In 2015, Alexandra was promoted to Senior International Programs Coordinator, providing support to both the Tola and Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua, site offices. In her spare time, Alexandra likes relaxing by the beach, reading, riding her bicycle, hiking, and traveling. [Alexandra supports both FSD-Ciudad Sandino and FSD-Tola.]

Margaret Nassozi Amanyire Program Director | Jinja, Uganda

Margaret is a development worker with more than a decade of experience working with communities to cause social development. She began her career as a Government Civil Servant with Ministry of Gender and Community Development in Uganda, where she worked on issues of culture, women and gender, as well as youth and development. She later worked as District Community Development Officer in Western Uganda, before joining the Civil Society fraternity in 1998. She has since been working as Coordinator for a Civil Society networks, and has done consultancy work with European Union and CARE International. She has facilitated the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of both strategic and action plans for several Organizations. She has experience in supporting volunteers to do development work in Uganda. Margaret holds a Bachelors of Development Studies, the Commonwealth Diploma in Youth and Development and a Diploma in Performing Art. She has passion for children and young adults.

Jonan Nandolo Local Program Coordinator | Jinja, Uganda

Jonan holds a Bachelor’s in Social Sciences and a major in Public Administration and Management from Nkumba University Uganda. Before joining FSD as a program Coordinator, Jonan worked with Apas Consultancy Firm as a Research Assistant in health insurance policies, youth and education. This experience helped him develop a love for community work. He also worked with VEDCO (Volunteer Effort for Development Concerns) in the sustainable agriculture farming and produce sector. Jonan loves entrepreneurship, media production (especially radio voicing), meeting people from different walks of life, traveling and trying out different recipes.

Ranveer Singh Shaktawat Program Director | Udaipur, India

Ranveer Singh Shaktawat holds a masters degree in Social Science and Management with 17 years of experience in the Rural Development Sector. At age 16 he began work as a peer group leader in his village, Railmagra, and has since held various positions at Jatan Sansthan. His journey from a Peer Educator to the position of a Deputy Director at Jatan Sansthan is an inspiration for many youngsters. Ranveer has mentored many young people who have taken forward his philosophies. Ranveer’s expertise is in youth issues and adolescent and sexual health. His future plans include working for the rights of the LGBTQ communities. Passionate about the region he grew up in Ranveer hopes for equality and healthy future for all. Ranveer enjoys traveling and loves trying new and different cuisine.

Rajdeep Singh Local Program Coordinator | Udaipur, India

Rajdeep belongs to Chittaurgarh, (also known as “The City of Warriors”), located 120 Kilometers from Udaipur. He learned German while at college and was subsequently working as a German translator for a magazine. In 2010, he met a social worker who had left his lucrative job to work on social issues. Rajdeep was deeply impressed with this and soon immersed himself social issues. He began working with NGOs seeing this as a good platform to work with communities. Rajdeep recently completed his Masters in Social Work from the Vidhyapeeth College at Udaipur. He joined Jatan Sansthan almost two years ago and is proud to be a member of FSD India team and very excited to be working with young people and supporting them during their internship in his home country. He loves learning new skills, reading, writing blogs in Hindi language and photography. He’s very active on social media. His ambition is to travel around the world and learn about different cultures & traditions.

Vineeta Sodha Local Program Coordinator | Udaipur, India

Vineeta was born and brought up in the city of lakes, Udaipur. She recently received her post graduate degree in Humanities and English Literature from the BNPG College at Udaipur. During her second year of college, she participated in the NSS (National Social Scheme). It was from here that she developed an interest in communities. She learned about issues that concern society such as literacy, health & sanitation, employment, shelter for the homeless and others. Realizing that this is her calling, Vineeta associated herself with NGO work. She wants to learn more about sustainable development through her work with FSD and she is very excited to be working with young people and happy to show them everything in her home country. She loves watching movies, going out with friends, traveling to different places, and learning about different cultures and traditions.